Open House Dublin is an annual weekend of free architecture tours, brought to you by the Irish Architecture Foundation and this year Dublinia will be showcasing our fabulous Synod Hall where our exhibitions are based.

The Synod Hall is a nineteenth century building designed by George Edmund Street, the same architect who led the restoration of Christ Church Cathedral in the 1870s. The building contains a two-story hall surrounded by many passages and lobbies, now exhibition spaces of Dublinia Heritage Centre. The architecture is a robust First Pointed style, with simple buttresses, circular turrets and plate tracery. The Great Hall on the second floor is accessed via a contouring stone stairway that would have welcomed Church of Ireland clergy to annual General Synods. An imposing multi-arched wooden roof can be seen on the upper level where the words ‘Aye’ and ‘Nae’ can be seen carved over two double doors to facilitate mass voting. The old tower of St Michael’s, now lost, church was also incorporated into the design and remnants of the tower’s medieval past can be seen in the footprint of the nineteenth century building.

Tours are taking place on Sunday the 15th of October at 12pm, 2pm and 3pm and must be pre-booked as numbers are very limited. 


This tour is not suitable for children. 

Email or call 01-6794611 to book a place.