Heroes of the Viking World – Conquerors, Explorers, Founders, Kings

What makes a hero? Power, bravery, determination? In this age, where superheroes exist only in fiction, this compelling exhibition allows you to discover some of the real-life hero ‘celebrities’ of the Viking world, including Eric Bloodaxe – last Viking King of York, King Canute the Great, Harald Bluetooth – Christian and King, and Harald Hardrada – the thunderbolt of the North.

At Heroes visitors can explore how they were celebrated and commemorated and what archaeological evidence can tell us about their stories, which are told through displays, Viking-age human remains displaying battle injuries of a warrior, facial reconstruction of a skull with battle wounds, replica objects, and interactive activities.

Delve into the world of Viking myth to uncover the superpowers of Viking gods such as Thor and Odin. Plus, immerse yourself in the smells and sights of the Viking Age when you step inside our impressive replica Oseberg Viking tent!

This is a touring exhibition brought to you by The JORVIK Group, from Jorvik Viking Museum in York, England, and is for a limited time only.