Bringing the world of Viking Dublin to life!

Dublin and the Viking World’ is our fantastic new book to celebrate Dublinia’s 25th birthday.

‘This excellent book is an ideal way to mark the 25th anniversary year of Dublinia, Dublin’s heritage centre and museum located at Christ Church, the crossroads of the medieval city … More than anything Dublinia and this book help us to understand how we have been shaped as a people and a culture and to strengthen our sense of identity.’ – Mary Robinson (President of Ireland, 1990–1997)

Dig through the layers of time to find the Viking past beneath our city streets – Shipbuilding, raiding, trading, praying and playing – Viking customs and habits are brought to life in this richly illustrated account of the beginnings of Dublin town.

Viking Dublin was a vibrant and major multicultural centre of commerce in early medieval Europe. Today Dublin is unique in the world for its enormous stock of preserved Viking records, both archaeological and written. Together, they reveal intimate details of life in the town and bring us beyond the myths to a people who developed a small coastal settlement into a bustling hub of trade and craft.

Fully illustrated with photographs, drawings and new maps, Dublin and the Viking World takes readers into the streets and homes of this important Viking town. Expert authors explore the acclaimed Dublinia exhibition experience and the latest in world-class scholarship to show readers the real world of Viking Dublin.

An accessible and engaging look at Viking Dublin.