We have lots of events going on at Dublinia all year round, but we have something special happening over this Halloween mid-term break.

The amazing Montague Heritage Services interpreters, will be with us from the 28th to the 30th of October. You can come a pay a visit to the Barber Surgeon, learn some gruesome facts about dentistry and surgery, and see the tools of his trade, including bone saws, scalpels and retractors, all this and more much more gore!!

Also, the Wyse Woman of Medieval Dublin will discuss religious practices and medieval beliefs, from strange creepy cures, to some ridiculous remedies. Also, she will tell you all about Volva, the Viking Seeress, the Irish Bean Feasa, and a little bit about Irish witches!

Fun for all the family, and happening this Halloween from the 28th to the 30th of October, 11am to 4pm everyday. For this Halloween family event, there is no booking necessary, it is all included in the price of your admission ticket.

Find out how to get here.