Delig Inis theatre group present their annual performance. Hear about the supernatural and ghostly happenings around medieval Dublin!

Meet the Medieval Dublin chancer, Bran the grave digger, who has the gruesome job of hauling poor souls to the local graveyard. Listen as Bran, and his wife Ita who specializes in ‘alternative’ methods of healing, tell you all about the dirty streets of Dublin, from unruly pigs to unruly people! Also, find out all about the strange tale of Drunken Thomas’s encounter in St. Michael’s graveyard, and just how much he manged to upset the dead at Halloween!!

Running between 11 and 1.00pm (every half hour) and 2.00pm and 3.30pm (every half hour) every day from Saturday the 26th of October to Monday the 28th of October.

No bookings necessary, normal admission rates apply.