So what is Follow The Vikings and why is Dublinia part of it?

The Destination Viking Association is a concept for travel experience involving partners from a number of countries in Europe that have come together to develop a borderless tourism destination focusing on the Viking world.  The Follow the Vikings project is just one part of this and brings together a number of partners from across the Viking world to broaden and develop the audience to Viking heritage and to its sites across Europe through seminars and roadshows.

As well as ourselves in Dublinia, other partners in this project include, Waterford Treasures, Jorvik in England, Lofotr Museum in Norway, Fotevikens Museum in Sweden, Trellebog in Denmark, Heritage Shetland Culture, Sor-Troms Museum in Norway, Icelandic Saga and Heritage, and many more.

The Follow The Vikings Roadshow, an audiovisual and theatrical experience,  is a Creative European Project that celebrates the cultural and historic impact of The Vikings.  Craig Morrison, the creative director of the Roadshow, has commissioned several contemporary artists from all over Europe including actors, musicians dancers and filmmakers to create a visual celebration of Viking heritage.

Performed live at 12 important Viking locations, including Dublin, each show will be unique – some will be held in exterior locations, while others held in interior venues. All will use modern projection technology in a new and captivating way, producing a pan-European complement to already existing Viking markets and events.

The Follow the Vikings project will aim to make the transnational Viking heritage accessible and understandable to a worldwide audience.

Click here for the Follow the Vikings website

Coming to Dublin Easter Weekend 2018!