Teachers Resources

Calling all teachers and students! We have a wide range of resources available to download and view right here.

Online Learning:

We have a fantastic Online Learning section on our website, it includes nine audiovisual animations with interactives on nine historical sites in Dublin. It is an excellent school resource to do at home. There are three sections on the Vikings and five on the Anglo Normans, and there are plenty of quizzes and hotspots to keep pupils entertained while learning. As well as as the primary school section, there is also a secondary school section and one for everyone who wants to learn more.

Click here for our Online Learning section

Primary School Activity Sheets:

These are available to support learning by students in a multisensory and unique way, encouraging all students to engage with the exhibition and gain both analytical and social skills. We have pre-visit activity sheets to use at home or before your visit, and post activity sheets for after.

New exciting Activity Sheets, pre and post visit, coming soon! 

Dublin City Walls App: Dublinia, along with Dublin City Council, has developed a free smartphone app that is available for download from Apple’s App store.  This app allows people to learn about the extraordinary history of medieval Dublin by taking a walk around the city’s medieval walls using GPS to map their route.  You can also stop at a number of different hotspots along the route and experience animated sections of the historic walls. The Dublin City Walls app will be available for Android users later this year.

Download the Dublin Walls app here

Activities at home: Learn to write your name in Viking runes. Click here for the runic alphabet or practice your coloring skills with images from Viking and Medieval life  Click here for colouring in