Artefacts Update

We are always busy enhancing our Dublinia exhibition so from time to time you may notice that some of our artefacts are missing.

We want to make a nice home for Maggie, our medieval Dublin ancestor, and Gunnar, our Viking Dublin warrior, so they, along with some of our other many Viking and Medieval artefacts are currently being conserved, analysed and most of all looked after in the National Museum of Ireland while we undertake any work that could potentially damage them.

We must take extreme care of these Viking and Medieval artefacts. From bones and pottery, to items found in the controversial Wood Quay site, they are all so delicate and so important to this period in Dublin’s history, that we want to make sure we provide the best place to showcase them to you.

Some are back with us already, and the rest will be back soon along with even more amazing Archaeological discoveries and exhibits on our ancestor’s lives and lifestyles.